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Major Functions of the Electronic Rosary

* Press one button to complete the recitation of the Holy Rosary

With the Electronic Rosary, the praying of the Holy Rosary becomes easy and simple. Just the push of one single button and your Electronic Rosary instantly guides you through the recitation sequence of the Holy Rosary. It also counts every prayer for you and sets you free to meditate on Mysteries.

* Automatic “Mysteries to Meditate” according to the day of the week

The “Mysteries to Meditate” are programmed according to the day of the week. You can reach the right group of Mysteries anytime you pray during the week. The Electronic Rosary announces a Mystery for your meditation before each decade begins. You are also allowed to choose the Mysteries to meditate on. Go to “Manual Mystery selection” for details.

* 3 recitation modes

The Electronic Rosary provides 3 recitation modes for your choice. You can switch between these 3 modes to experience a different, better-meditated and wonderful Holy Rosary recitation experience.

Here are our suggestions on how these recitation modes can be used in your daily life:

「Follow me」

1. For the Elderly, Children and Junior Catholics

2. For people who are used to praying the Holy Rosary on the go

3. For people who are tired and sleepy

* Press one single button and follow the prayers from the Electronic Rosary. You will finish the recitation of the Rosary easily.

* This mode helps you to concentrate and finish the prayer within a predetermined interval of time (usually within 20 to 30 minutes depending on the choice of language).


For senior Holy Rosary prayers who are used to praying the Holy Rosary with a “Classical Rosary bean”

* On the Counting mode, the Electronic Rosary only counts where you are in the Holy Rosary and prompts your next prayer by voice.

* It works like an Electronic Rosary Bean. You will never lose your count!


For senior Holy Rosary prayers who are used to praying the Holy Rosary in Church and in groups

* The Electronic Rosary lets you recite a Holy Rosary in an alternative way, i.e. exactly the same way as you would recite it in a Church in May – the month of Rosary.

* With the Alternation mode, the Electronic Rosary acts like your Holy Rosary praying partner and you won’t be alone anymore!

* “Last Prayer” record review

The Electronic Rosary automatically records the date of your last prayer for your review.

* “Total Prayer” record review

After every recitation, the Electronic Rosary automatically adds 1 to the total prayer record for your easy review. The maximum number of prayers is 99,999. The recitation of Caplet to the Divine Mercy does not count.

The “Last Prayer” and “Total Prayer” records are stored in a non-volatile memory device. You won’t lose any record after you replace a battery. Isn’t it amazing?

* Speaker and Earphone options

The Electronic Rosary provides a choice of Speaker and Earphone output.

* Volume control

The sound output can be adjusted easily to a comfortable level by a side volume switch.

* Recitation of the “Caplet to the Divine Mercy”

You can recite the “Caplet to the Divine Mercy” with the Electronic Rosary.

* The “Hour of Mercy” alarm at 3pm (15:00 hour)

The Electronic Rosary alerts you every day at 3pm (15:00 hour) at the Hour of Mercy. You can pray the “Caplet to the Divine Mercy” with the pressing of the TOP RIGHT BUTTON after the alarm stops if you are available or just “immerse yourself in prayer there where you happen to be, if only for a very brief instant” (1572). You can also press the TOP RIGHT BUTTON during the beeping to stop the alarm and press the same button again to start the prayer.

The Electronic Rosary returns to the praying of Holy Rosary starting from 4pm every day.

Electronic Rosary

An Ideal Gift to Share the Love of Christ



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