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Electronic Rosary as A Gift

The Electronic Rosary is an ideal gift enabling you to share the love of Christ with your beloved ones. With the user-friendly Electronic Rosary, one can recite the complete Holy Rosary in a joyful way and build up the habit to pray the Holy Rosary regularly.

For the Elderly

The Electronic Rosary helps the elderly pick the Mysteries according to the day of the week, count the numbers of prayers said and memorise the prayers. It enables the elderly to go into a deep meditation of the prayers without losing count or order of prayers.

For Children and Junior Catholics

By praying with the Electronic Rosary, children and junior Catholics can learn the Holy Rosary step by step easily. Utilizing functions from the 「Follow me」 mode to the 「Counting」 mode, they learn the Holy Rosary by following the prayers as they are read out by the Electronic Rosary and they can pray the Holy Rosary with the Counting help of the device.

The “Last Prayer” and “Total Prayer” records help them to review their practice regularly, and gradually establish the regular habit of praying the Holy Rosary.

Electronic Rosary

An Ideal Gift to Share the Love of Christ



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