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Useful Tool for Recitation of Holy Rosary

The Electronic Rosary is a user-friendly device that simulates the function of the classical Rosary in an electronic way.

Besides recitation of Holy Rosary as its primary function, the Electronic Rosary is equipped with the “Hour of Mercy” daily alarm which goes off at 3PM every day to remind you of the mercy moment that you should not miss. The Electronic Rosary also supports recitation of the “Caplet to the Divine Mercy” to provide the full functions of traditional Rosary beads using the most advanced digital technology available today.

We have developed the Electronic Rosary through years of efforts. We are grateful for the guidance given to us by our priests, and grateful to our brothers and sisters who have given us a lot of valuable opinions and assistances as well as prayer recordings in different languages.

We hope that you will discover and enjoy the new experience of Holy Rosary recitation that the Electronic Rosary brings to your faith in modern Catholic life!


Electronic Rosary is an advanced easy-to-use tool that helps you to:

- Recite a Holy Rosary with the touch of just 1 single button
- Auto-Mystery accorindling to the day of the week
- 3 recitation modes to meet different needs
- Daily alarm at “Hour of Mercy”
- Last Prayer and Total Prayer record
- No learning required
- suitable for all ages.
- Overcome the “losing count”, “no time” and “sleepy” problem
- Ideal gift at Baptism, for children and elderly


Electronic Rosary

An Ideal Gift to Share the Love of Christ



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