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You ‘ll Love Rosary Praying with this Human Voice Rosary !!

Here's How:

Q. Feel boring praying Rosary?

A. You need a praying partner! It is always best to pray together as a group.The Human Voice Rosary prays with you just like how you pray Rosary in a group.

Q. How to pray Group Rosary alone at home?

A. Human Voice Rosary acts as a Leader and you are the Response. The leader will announce the mystery accompanied by a brief meditation before each decade.

Q. How prayers are divided?

A. Example: For Our Father ,HumanVoice Rosary as Leader says:
Our Father, ….as it is in heaven.
Then, you as Response says : Give us this day…deliver us from evil. Amen.

Q. Is this the only way to pray?

A. The above is the ALTERNATION mode. You can switch to FOLLOW ME if you want to learn how to pray or sick in bed. Switch to Counting mode if you just want it to count your Rosary location.


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